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Rent includes all utilities, high-speed internet, and a fully furnished living space. Access to building amenities like gyms, pools, and rooftops is also included, where available.

Sky Group Residence caters to both students and young professionals seeking co-living spaces. The booking team can assist with eligibility questions.

Most rooms have shared bathrooms, but master rooms with private bathrooms are available in certain locations.

Usually, a bathroom is shared with two other roommates, depending on the apartment layout.

There is a small dining area near the kitchen, but gathering in common areas is discouraged due to Covid-19 precautions.

Each apartment has a fully equipped shared kitchen, including dining space and necessary utensils.

Unlimited Wi-Fi is included in the rent. Fresh bed linens are provided, and rooms are deep-cleaned before move-in.

All premises have either in-unit or on-site laundry facilities

For safety compliance, individual room locks are not provided.

Parking spaces are not offered at Sky Group Residence

Our adjustable living area presents an economical solution tailored for students desiring both the essence of luxury and an element of privacy. Perfect as an alternative to conventional shared accommodations, this innovative space is delineated with a movable bookcase partition, blending flexibility with function.

Choose your city, pick a room type, select your stay dates, proceed to the checkout page, fill in your details, make the payment, and your booking is complete!

At checkout, you'll need to pay the initial payment and service fee. The deposit secures your room, and the first rent is due by move-in day.

Post-booking, you'll need to verify your identity, provide proof of study/work, a home address, and guarantor documents for a shared living community.

You can schedule a virtual or in-person tour via the website.

Move-in dates are set for the start and end of each month. Contact Sky Group Residence for specific date requests.

Request to be placed in the same apartment during booking. Availability determines this.

Room assignments are made on move-in day, and you'll be introduced to your roommates then.

Refer to the cancellation policy on the website.

Rent is due every 4 weeks, with flexible leasing terms. Payment schedules are in your housing agreement.

Yes, subject to availability and an additional cleaning fee.

Submit a written extension request 60 days in advance. Extensions depend on availability.

Typically, two roommates, depending on the apartment layout and location

Rooms are cleaned before move-in, with fresh linens provided. Maintaining cleanliness is a shared responsibility.

Regular overnight guests are not allowed. Temporary visitors are permissible.

You can use your own linens and small furniture items, provided the room is restored to its original state upon departure.

Open communication is encouraged to resolve issues. Contact your housing coordinator for further assistance.

Most locations have a concierge security desk and require a key fob for building access.

Check-in starts post-4:00 pm on your move-in date. You'll receive detailed instructions via email, including the contact information of the housing coordinator. Early check-ins can be coordinated with the housing coordinator.